Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Early Years 121 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS Carpets & Playmats Carpets on this page have a compact, flatter pile than the heavy duty pile carpets on the following pages. A. Multi-cultural welcome carpet • This highly visual carpet has a children around the world theme showing children from different cultures and the word “welcome” in multiple languages • A durable carpet with an anti slip backing ideal for both the school entrance or the classroom • Size: W2000 x D1300mm Y330308 £119.00 B. Rainbow numbers carpets • 2 sizes of brightly coloured number carpet • Ideal for teaching basic numeracy skills • Choose from 1-100, size: W2 x D1.5m, or smaller 1-24, size: W1.5m x D1m • Durable tuf-loop Y330300 1-100 Carpet £129.95 Y330302 1-24 Carpet £95.00 C. Outdoor hopscotch mat • Ideal for group activities and outdoor play • Size 3 x 1m • Outdoor tuf loop Y330304 £149.00 Outdoor Carpets • Great for teaching children about the natural world around them, or for outdoor play • A lighter weight pile making them easier to move • Include hardwearing, waterproof backing for outdoor use • For outdoor playgrounds or grass areas D. Garden outdoor mat • 3m x 2m Y330306 £275.00 Please ask for details on our range of outdoor mats