Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Early Years Creative! Furniture 109 PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS A. Pack of 4 beech stacking chairs • Supportive, curved backrest • Beech & plywood construction • BS EN 1729 compliant Seat Height For Table Height YCRT0436 210 400 £345.00 YCRT0437 260 460 £345.00 YCRT0438 310 530 £389.00 YCRT0439 350 590 £389.00 • All Tables have a solid beech frame with a maple melamine top which is easy to clean, hygienic and scratch resistant • Rounded corners for classroom safety • Solid Beech legs ensure stability • Available in a variety of height options to accomodate all ages • All Tables and Chairs BS EN 1729 Compliant B. Square table YCRT0402 W695 x D695 x H400mm £239.00 YCRT0403 W695 x D695 x H460mm £239.00 YCRT0404 W695 x D695 x H530mm £239.00 YCRT0405 W695 x D695 x H590mm £239.00 D. Small rectangular table YCRT0407 W960 x D695 x H400mm £285.00 YCRT0408 W960 x D695 x H460mm £285.00 YCRT0409 W960 x D695 x H530mm £285.00 YCRT0410 W960 x D695 x H590mm £285.00 E. Rectangular table YCRT0412 W1120 x D560 x H400mm POA YCRT0413 W1120 x D560 x H460mm POA YCRT0414 W1120 x D560 x H530mm POA YCRT0415 W1120 x D560 x H590mm POA F. Large rectangular table YCRT0417 W1500 x D695 x H400mm £298.00 YCRT0418 W1500 x D695 x H460mm £298.00 YCRT0419 W1500 x D695 x H530mm £298.00 YCRT0420 W1500 x D695 x H590mm £298.00 G. Circular table YCRT0422 Dia. 1000mm x H400mm £279.00 YCRT0423 Dia. 1000mm x H460mm £279.00 YCRT0424 Dia. 1000mm x H530mm £279.00 YCRT0425 Dia. 1000mm x H590mm £279.00 H. Trapezoid table YCRT0427 W1120 x D560 x H400mm £269.00 YCRT0428 W1120 x D560 x H460mm £269.00 YCRT0429 W1120 x D560 x H530mm £269.00 YCRT0430 W1120 x D560 x H590mm £269.00 I. Semi circle table YCRT0432 W1630 x D560 x H400mm POA YCRT0433 W1630 x D560 x H460mm POA YCRT0434 W1630 x D560 x H530mm POA YCRT0435 W1630 x D560 x H590mm POA Creative! Wooden Tables & Chairs C. Creative! small round table • W500 x D500 x H320mm YCRT0304 £198.00 Most tables are available as height adjustable at no extra cost, please contact us