Westcountry Group Furniture Catalogue

Early Years Creative! Furniture 104 Creative! Natural Role Play Panels • Made from maple melamine with a solid beech timber frame and tough, child safe, clear lacquer finish • Easy Clean Surfaces • Each panel: W780 x D40 x H1200mm (supplied with 2 joining blocks) • Lockable joining blocks allow panels to join to each other at seven different angles, enabling you to create any shape to meet your needs and make the most of the available space • 5 year warranty I. Chalkboard Panel • Double-sided chalkboard YCRT0328 £229.00 J. Connectors - Set of 2 • Includes two brackets to connect one panel to furniture or a wall at any angle • Fits all Play Panels YCRT0329 £69.00 E. Whiteboard Panel • Double-sided whiteboard YCRT0324 £229.00 H. Mirror Panel • Single safety mirror, maple back YCRT0327 £229.00 F. Window Panel • Window panel with washable curtains YCRT0325 £229.00 G. Maple Counter Panel • Two shelves, awning and counter YCRT0326 £229.00 A. Display Panel • Double-sided sound reducing Velcro display board YCRT0320 £229.00 D. Tall Archway Panel • Open archway for easy access • H1310mm YCRT0323 £229.00 B. Double Door Panel • Double doors with cut-out detail YCRT0321 £229.00 C. Maple Panel • Plain panel for dividing space YCRT0322 £229.00 Creative! Panel Connectors For complete flexibility when setting out your room, our Panel Connectors allow you to join your panels (at any angle) to walls and other Creative! furniture. This unique system allows you to create secure room divisions, and use a combination of storage units and panels, to create defined areas for role play, crafts, construction, reading and so much more. PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK ON CURRENT PRICING AND SPECIAL QUANTITY DEALS