Clarity face covering BGCFC

A unique clear covering with total visibility, enabling understanding and real-life connections. 

  • A human bond | Developed to give understanding to deaf, elderly and other citizens 
  • Practical and reliable | Clear, anti-fog, fluid-resistant and latex-free visor giving full visibility
  • All-day comfort | Comfortable and breathable with comfort-fit adjustable strap 

Minimum Order Quantity = 4 boxes | ( 24 units per box)

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Create connections & break down barriers

Barriguard's transparent face covering has been developed to break down communication barriers between patients and staff and is specifically aimed at deaf, hard of hearing and elderly citizens.  The clear visor allows for full-face visibility, meaning communication barriers are broken down and patients feel more at ease.  As well as being fluid resistant and latex-free, the covering is also comfortable and breathable for total practicality. 


Clarity face covering

Connection, communication, clarity

55% of communication is visual and that's why it's so important for patients to understand - and equally importantly - feel human.  Barriguard's Clarity face covering helps break down communication barriers in stressful situations, enabling greater connections and putting patients at ease.  The covering is especially popular for users of sign language where facial expressions are key to understanding.  Contact us today to find out more.  

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Clarity face covering

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The technical side

This disposable face covering is fluid-resistant, latex-free and comes with anti-fog protection.  In addition, it's breathable and comfortable, coming with a comfort-fit adjustable strap and filled foam top and bottom strips.  It also meets the relevant standards for fluid resistance (ASTM F1862: 160 mmHg) and flammability.  Click below to view the full product features and specifications.

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